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We are one of the oldest and most recognized travel sites online. We have availability throughout our main site and in our members only area. We will be launching customized travel landing pages to marquis destinations in every region. We also offer exclusive space within our newsletter that goes out to our rapidly growing database on a weekly basis.

Media Offerings

We serve the following ad types:
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inside pages
side banner
These are some basic ad types we serve if you have another ad size or type in your campaign please contact us to discuss implementation and pricing. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from our site or is not in keeping with our family friendly atmosphere. We do not accept pornographic, adult, smoking, drinking, hate, violence, bigotry or other subject matter that society considers offensive.

Our Online Advertising Services include:

  • Setting Up Google Adwords & Managing Adwords Campaigns
  • Budget Planning & Media Buying
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Design of Graphic, Animated & Video Banner Adverts